Kegelmaster 2000 Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Over 16 years and 100,000+ Women Can't be wrong!

In the over 16 years that we have been making the Kegelmaster, we have had many responses, testimonials and reviews from the over 100,000 women that have used it to help with their different concerns.

From issues with different types of urinary incontinence and leaking to prolapse, as well as sexual health issues.

We've included a mix of these below for you to read. Some are recent and some are from as far back as 2001, but just as relevant today. Just click any of the titles below to hear from real women who have had personal experience with the Kegelmaster and were moved enough to want to share their thoughts with you.

Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

From J.J. ΓÇô Jan, 31, 2017

I ordered this due to not being the same down below after childbirth. I had two very large babies and sex did not feel the same afterwards.

I also had trouble making it to the bathroom in time and I most certainly could not do jumping jacks, running, or basically any type of exercise without a thin pad.

I just happened to come across this product information while researching bladder surgery options. I immediately ordered it after reading the reviews.

After only one week of use, I could already tell a difference. There were areas down below that had not had feeling during sex for quite some time. I actually have feeling there again!

IΓÇÖve been using this product for a couple of months now and have been very pleased with the results. I have worked up to level 5 and can honestly say this product is bringing me back to my pre-baby ΓÇ£situationΓÇ¥.

From Katie, Feb 26 2017

My name is Katie and my daughter, is working on her Doctor of PT degree specializing in womenΓÇÖs health. You sent both of us a kegelmaster to try. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try the Kegelmaster.

I had been struggling with some incontinence issues. A few years ago, a flyer advertising the APEX device came to me in the mail. I went to a PT and asked whether or not she thought this device would be helpful to me (I wanted a quick fix!). Because I still had some strength in and control of my pelvic floor muscles (although weak), she didnΓÇÖt think that the APEX would be appropriate for me. She did not recommend any other device and really didnΓÇÖt know much about the APEX. She gave me some daily exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. I continued to experience incontinence issues.

Fast forward to last year when my daughter started learning more about womenΓÇÖs health. She began researching various medical devices that can be used to help women strengthen the pelvic floor. When you sent her the Kegelmaster device, she suggested that I try it. I began using it randomly at that point. On January 11, 2017 I started a focused six days per week, one time per day regiment of 30 repetitions holding each for five seconds. Because my PT told me that my biggest problem was sustained muscle strength, I decided to go longer than the recommended two second hold. I have been using two springs, mostly on pegs 2 and 4, although I have experimented with other configurations.

I am so excited to report that after only 2 months, my incontinence issues are almost completely resolved. I no longer have to wear a panty shield 24 hours/day and I donΓÇÖt have to put up with that awful odor. I can also say that my orgasms are getting stronger. I am still working to build more strength, so that I can continue to improve in both areas.

Disclaimer: Everyone is different and your results may vary. Be aware that if you are not satisfied with your results we will refund your money no questions asked.

IΓÇÖve been using the Kegelmaster for just over 3 years, so would like to share my insights. IΓÇÖm now 52 and have had 2 full term births.

I have reaped the benefits of using the Kegelmaster 2 ΓÇô 3 times per week, with the very occasional week off due to holidays etc.

I have more confidence in my body as I approach menopause.

I rarely have to pee in the night (in my mid-40s I was going a couple of times a night). I almost never lose urine when coughing or running, which I used to regularly.

It has enhanced my sex life in terms of my response level, and in terms of how I feel to my long-time lover man (and he is on the small side).

ItΓÇÖs a win-win situation no matter how you look at it!

The other week I temporarily lost one of the springs when I was taking the KM apart to clean. The darn thing sproinged off to some far hidden corner of the room and I panicked when I couldnΓÇÖt find it! I thought ΓÇ£oh no! how can I live without my Kegelmaster???ΓÇ¥ So I made a point of ORDERING A SECOND ONE AS AN EMERGENCY BACK-UP!!!

I probably wonΓÇÖt need it, but believe me I feel better knowing itΓÇÖs there. Most likely IΓÇÖll end up giving it to my daughter in a couple of years (sheΓÇÖs 18).

I wish more women knew about the Kegelmaster and would also follow through and BUY one and ΓÇö USE it! ItΓÇÖs worth every penny. Mine is as good as the day it first arrived in the mail, so is very durable.

I urge all women whoΓÇÖve discovered this web site to purchase a KegelMaster and make it a part of your life. You wonΓÇÖt regret it!



* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

A personal note from me to all of you ladies:

I am a true account of someone who has “tried them all” so to speak. Take it from me and stop wasting your time contemplating, stop trying these other “mimic” devices with false promises… just forget all of that and please read carefully.

I spent a long time contemplating the purchase of a Kegelmaster. I was skeptical, I admit ΓÇô very skeptical in fact. I was skeptical because I have wasted so much money on these so called ΓÇ£miracleΓÇ¥ devices to assist with kegel exercises. But I thought, you know, they offer a full money back guarantee so why not?!? I promised myself that if I didnΓÇÖt notice a massive difference in 30 days, it would be sent back immediately for the refund.

I never had to send the Kegelmaster back!! Let me tell you, I am probably the most critical customer with the highest standards! The Kegelmaster was the only one that made dramatic results. And I have bought “them all” -kegelcisor, ben wah balls, kegeltrainer, you name it – I bought it! In these times of desperation, I kept thinking… ok, the results are not as they promised.. but if I keep doing it then something has GOT to change!

Maybe it just takes a little longer with me? My persistence went past any “money back guarantee” deadlines – I was so desperate for results… but they just didn’t come. I gave them all my best try. In the end, a lot of money and hope went down the drain. So you see, this is why I was skeptical before buying yet another kegel exerciser.

The reason I was even considering the Kegelmaster after all these attempts to find a good device, is because of thetriple money back guarantee. I mean, really… would anyone in their right mind offer this if the product wasn’t something to rave about? I honestly had nothing to lose. But THIS time, I promised myself – 30 days max. – if there are no results, this thing is going back!

To my massive surprise, I already noticed a significant difference by the 2nd day. The results increased and increased with every use and not even 3 weeks later ΓÇô I had my ΓÇ£pre-birthΓÇ¥ youthful and healthy vagina back! I am euphoric with the results! .. And so is my husband !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!! 2 months later.. and you might not believe this, but I could ΓÇ£gripΓÇ¥ my husband inside of me ΓÇô he was blown away ΓÇô literally!!! So, the Kegelmaster not only makes the muscles tighter but you will have the power to ΓÇ£massageΓÇ¥ with your vagina too. Its quite a nice little trick and my husband is melted butter in my hands. Hahaha.
But most important, after 2 weeks I was able to sneeze or cough without any ΓÇ£leakingΓÇ¥.

A little more of my own personal history for you to read:

I have given birth to three children, so you can imagine.. things got a little loose ΓÇ£downtownΓÇ¥. In addition to that, I peed a little bit every time I sneezed or coughed too hard.

A year after the birth of my twins, my gynecologist warned me that I better start doing kegel exercises because she could tell I had little muscle tone in my vagina. She gave me a list of problems that could develop if I didnΓÇÖt start doing kegels ΓÇô the list was scary.. urinary AND stool incontinence, loss of orgasms (!!!!) and lack of pleasurable sensation for my partner, difficulty with vaginal labor for future births (due to weak muscle control) and several different types of prolapses that NO woman wants to have. She explained that the PC muscle (the muscle you use for kegels) is responsible for holding all your important stuff in place: urethra, vagina, anus, and rectum. If you donΓÇÖt take care of this MAJOR important muscle, you will eventually develop one, more or all of these problems. That was enough to scare the bejesus out of me.

The reason it scared me SO much was because I had already done daily kegel exercises (without any resistance) for years ΓÇô and obviously it wasnΓÇÖt helping. And this is how my whole search for help began.

Even if you donΓÇÖt have a problem and feel the need to use one, prevention is the key, dear ladies. DonΓÇÖt let it get to the point where something IS wrong. Age, pregnancy and extra body weight donΓÇÖt do anything good for a vagina. And one of these things will eventually happen if you donΓÇÖt take care.

Sorry ladies, I didnΓÇÖt plan for this to be such a long post but what can I say ΓÇô I feel a responsibility to send this message!

Take care of yourselves, ladies!

ΓÇô Sommer

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

IΓÇÖve been using the Kegelmaster for a few weeks now, & IΓÇÖm amazed at the progress!

I can actually ΓÇ£feelΓÇ¥ again, which is astonishing!

I know this is going to be waaay too much info, but IΓÇÖm only saying this to prove how much this has helped-before the KegelMaster (after having 3 kids), if I inserted one finger, I couldnΓÇÖt feel anything.

It made me want to cry.

I could only feel my vaginal walls if I moved my finger all around.

Now, if I insert one finger, I can feel my vaginal walls all around the finger, without any movement at all!

This is very exciting for me, as you can imagine!

IΓÇÖm looking forward to even more progress!

An added benefit (a big one) is that after giving birth to my last child almost one year ago, IΓÇÖve had to pee way more often than when I was pregnant!

Now I can pee like a normal person, lol.

The KegelMaster really has changed my life, & IΓÇÖve only just begun happy.gif IΓÇÖm so very grateful to the Kegelmaster and to this website.

The Kegelmaster really needs more publicity because IΓÇÖm sure alot of women could benefit!


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

A Godsend for me - I was so close to having surgery - Lynn - 51

I am almost 51 yrs old, married for 29 years, and have three children, each around 8.5 lbs at birth. I bought my Kegelmaster when the doctor told me I had a mild rectocele and cystocele and uterine prolapse. I was having someoccasional stress incontinence, too. However, after only using it 1 or 2 times, I put it away in a drawer for THREE YEARS. (true!)

I struggled along, gradually having more problems, until I was wearing a pad every day in case I sneezed or coughed; I had to apply pressure manually to have a bowel movement; sex was so painful, I knew something had to change.

At my annual check up last month, the doctor told me I no longer had an option ΓÇô must have a hysterectomy, repair of rectocele and cystocele, and a urethra suspension. I felt resigned to do whatever I had to do so life could return to normal. But, still I cried and starting praying for another option. Then I got on the internet and started researching the surgery that seemed my only choice.

I found out thereΓÇÖs only 50-60% long term success. That means, about ┬╜ the women who go through surgery have to have another surgery within 10 years. Recovery is 2 weeks with a catheter, another 4-6 weeks before resuming normal activities. Kegel exercises were recommended to increase success. Also, taking hormone replacements, never again lifting anything over 15-20 lbs., and keeping a low body weight, but without impact exercises or anything that strains the abdomen (no more aerobics!) I watched a video of the surgery ΓÇô ay de mi! (Spanish ΓÇô means ΓÇ£yikes!ΓÇ¥)I do NOT want that done to me! I thought, ΓÇô why not give that Kegelmaster another chance BEFORE surgery and see what happens?So, I got it out of the drawer, (thank God I remembered where I put it!) watched the instructional video again, and have been using the Kegelmaster faithfully for about 2 weeks now.

After only 4 days I quit using mini pads for stress incontinence, and have had no accidents, even with sneezing and coughing (a certain recipe for disaster before). My difficulty with stool elimination was much improved after a week (I only have to ΓÇ£assistΓÇ¥ occasionally, rather than every time). And, my husband commented he could feel I was stronger and tighter ΓÇô sex is no longer painful for me the way it was just two weeks ago.

So, donΓÇÖt delay and let things go from bad to worse the way I did. Invest in your marriage, in yourself. Yesterday I saw a woman buying a huge bag of pads for incontinence. I thought, thereΓÇÖs money I wonΓÇÖt be wasting! Not to mention no longer worrying about being embarrassed if I sneeze! And, when God blesses me with grandbabies someday, I wonΓÇÖt have to worry when I pick them up!

How sad that every day hundreds of women have surgery (like I almost did) just because they donΓÇÖt know about resistance being essential to proper toning of the pc muscles. Save yourself the heartaches of painful intercourse, embarrassing leakage, inability to pass stool normally, and uterine prolapse. I will definitely be telling my friends about this. I consider it an answer to my prayers.

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

I think it's working

Hi there

IΓÇÖm 55 years old and have been married for 37 years. After having four daughters (all epesitomies after)I developed stress incontinence and suffered for quite a few years until I had a bladder repair op (12 years ago). This worked for the stress incontinence but I am still unable to hold my urine mid-stream until near the end of flow as my muscles are so weak.

My biggest problem is a very stretched vagina which makes intercourse much less pleasurable than it has been; very little feeling and at times my husband is unable to climax inside of me. I have been very distraught about this although my husband has been very understanding. He seems less worried than me! I found this website by accident whilst searching the web under ΓÇ£sexual intercourse problemsΓÇ¥. I must admit I had never heard of kegels (we call them pelvic floor exercises here in the UK) let alone a Kegelmaster so I was very sceptical about ordering one. Before ordering I emailed with a question to see if it would work for me. The answer was ΓÇ£yes it wouldΓÇ¥ so I thought I have nothing to lose if itΓÇÖs a money-back guarantee. I have had my exerciser for just under two weeks and already both my husband and I are noticing the difference. At first I was using it twice a day and getting some discomfort but after getting advice here to use it just once a day, that has disappeared. My motto was ΓÇ£twice a day will work twice as quickΓÇ¥ but obviously that is not the case here!

We have just celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversay and I am keen to get back to how our relationship was when I was less stretched. I know I am very impatient but my husband keeps reminding me that you canΓÇÖt repair30 odd years of stretching and damage down there in under two weeks, so I know it will take time but IΓÇÖm very optimistic of the outcome. My muscles are definitely getting stronger. I can now hold a squeeze without the exerciser for more than 10 seconds, something I could not do before, in fact I could barely tell I was using the muscles let alone hold it for any length of time! If you have been married for a long time like me and feel your sex life is waning because of stretched muscles, I would recommend this device. I am going to recommend it to my two married daughters and also friends if the topic should arise. Regards to all, ΓÇ£sceptic KathyΓÇ¥ in England, UK

Update: One month later…

Wow! IΓÇÖve been using the exerciser daily for only five weeks and already weΓÇÖre experiencing tremendous sex. Neither my husband nor myself can believe the difference it is making to my tightness, and we relish the thought of what it will be like after five months! We are both getting feeling ΓÇ£down thereΓÇ¥ during sex, something I thought IΓÇÖd never achieve again. Thank you for promoting this product to help people like me. I thought I was a ΓÇ£lost causeΓÇ¥. I can only encourage other women to have a go; youΓÇÖve got nothing to lose girls! Will post again at six months. ΓÇ£Not sceptical anymoreΓÇ¥


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Evaluation by OBGYN

Initially I recommended the Kegelmaster to my patients as a device with great promise to help them with their problems of vaginal laxity or impaired bladder function.

After enthusiastic feedback from my patients and others, I more heartily endorse your product and thoroughly recommend it to my patients.

I recommend the Kegelmaster not only for my patients who wish to resolve their problems of vaginal laxity and bladder dysfunction, but also to those who wish to prevent its occurrence.

I have thoroughly investigated and compared the various alternative devices that are being marketed and purport to address vaginal laxity and urinary leakage. None of the other products offer all of the benefits of the Kegelmaster and consequently it is the only one that I recommend. I also understand that it is the only medical device that has both FDA clearance and also offers variable resistance. That allows my patients to continue their improvement in vaginal muscle tone by increasing the spring tension setting. Thus far none of my patients has ever exceeded the capacity of theKegelmaster! If one of them ever did, she probably doesn’t need it anymore!

Marc L. Chaiken, M.D. F.A.O.G. Board Certified and Private Practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Director: Columbia Surgery Center Clinical Instructor: University of Maryland

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Comments on how many springs


I have been using the kegelmaster for 6 weeks now and I am on 2 springs (One on post one and one on post 2). It took me a couple of weeks to first get used to doing the exercises the right way but I have got it now for the past 3 or 4 weeks. I stay with the same spring placement for about a week or week and a half before moving on to the next level.

I feel the difference now in that I am sleeping all night without getting up to go to the bathroom. thatΓÇÖs is wonderful thatIΓÇÖm getting better sleep now. I also notice that I can go all day almost now without feeling my prolapse. So it is defeinetly working now and I will keep up with the exercises that I do every day except the occasional day I miss when IΓÇÖm too busy with work etc.

The muscle is stronger but I know I still have a long way to go. ItΓÇÖs been this way for a long time. IΓÇÖm 57 years old with two children and have felt this prolapse coming for quite a while. So hang in there everyone who has just started and give it time. IΓÇÖm eager to see the results too but know it is a slow process but so worth it in the end.


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Moderate recto/cystocele

I have used my Kegelmaster for approx. 3 months and am one of your best advertisers.

IΓÇÖm a 37yo operating room RN with 2 C-sections, who developed a moderate recto/cystocele related to medication use for a head injury.

I went from a surgical candidate to a former gyn patient with no evidence of a recto/cystocele.

I have gotten a lot of my friends and family to order from this site.

I have had gyn docs criticize various self healing items but these are MDΓÇÖs I wouldnΓÇÖt recommend in the first place.Please keep reaching out to women with this nonsurgical alternative. IΓÇÖll keep praising and recommending this site to all females I meet.

Thank you,


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Very thoughtful review and our response. - Bladder surgery

Several months ago, I wrote to you about using the Kegelmaster after cystocele surgery, but it is only now that I am able to use it. (The first surgery healed funny and had to be modified with a second surgery and post-op period.)

I showed the Kegelmaster to my doctor, a top specialist in the area, and although he had never seen it, he said he agreed with the principle and thought it would be a good thing to use after surgery. He is even anxious to keep in touch with me over the coming months to see how I am doing.
So at any rate, I have been using it for one week, and, within a few days, I could really tell the difference. I started out at one spring, and now after a week, I am up to the 1,4 position with two springs without pushing myself. As IΓÇÖm sure youΓÇÖve been told before, there is a feeling of ΓÇ£womanΓÇÖs powerΓÇ¥ connected to this exerciseΓÇôweΓÇÖre actually strengthening a part of ourselves that has been denegrated, devalued, and abused throughout history, and also unavoidably abused and damaged by childbirth, our upright stance, etc.

I just have a few concerns:

1. Although I am thrilled by my progress so far, I am somewhat skeptical of your belief that this exerciser would have prevented surgery. Flabby muscles and an overstretched vaginal wall are not quite the same thing. As it turned out, I had pretty strong muscles from doing millions of Kegels in a vain attempt to raise a bladder that had fallen below the influence of those muscles. So I canΓÇÖt see how resistance exercise would have been any different. Now that the bladder is in its proper position, the muscles can work to keep it that way. In summary, I donΓÇÖt think you should set yourselves up in opposition to the surgeons, but see your product as an adjunct to surgery, to prevent recurrence of the condition. In fact, given my surgeonΓÇÖs positive attitude about your product, perhaps you could even market it to them. I am planning to give him your literature and give him my first progress report in about a week. I think he really would be interested in promoting your product to his patients, since he realizes there is a high failure rate in older women. And besides, the surgery is so yucky and the recovery so degrading and miserable, that I think surgery patients will be HIGHLY motivated to avoid a second operation.

ΓÇ£Claudia, my belief that the Kegelmaster sometimes eliminates the need for surgery in the first place is based on very detailed, verifiable correspondence with an early user of the product who was given 3 separate opinions that she was going to have to have surgery. She was diagnosed with both cystocele and uterine prolapse (and she suffered from incontinence). After approximately 11 weeks with the Kegelmaster her gyn told her that her vaginal lining was now completely normal and he told her to DEFINITELY keep using the Kegelmaster! She did not have to have surgery.ΓÇ¥

This has to be a matter of degree. If, by the time you’ve gotten to the Kegelmaster, a great deal of “herniation”/ligament damage has occurred, I would agree with you, the Kegelmaster is not going to prevent surgery. However, please don’t confuse the “millions” of squeezes you did, with the progressive resistance that the Kegelmaster provides. I don’t want to sound too far “out there”, but I believe that telling women to do kegel exercises is a fraud and disservice. (Please see an article on the internet called “The Bastardization of Dr. Kegel’s Exercises”)  This will confirm that Dr. Kegel, originally a gyn SURGEON, always included a resistance device in his protocol. This was before the days of “Nautilus” equipment, therefore he didn’t have anything as effective as the Kegelmaster to work with. However he achieved a documented cure rates (for incontinence) above 90%..

In a ΓÇ£perfect worldΓÇ¥ a woman would start with the Kegelmaster BEFORE childbirth. I just donΓÇÖt feel that women were misdesigned by God, but in actuality the devastation that has its genesis in childbirth is a result of our somewhat sedentary lifestyle, especially regarding the pubococcygeus muscle. In third world countries where women commonly engage in movements and exertions such as ΓÇ£squattingΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£liftingΓÇ¥ (therefore toning and strengthening the PC muscle in advance), the babies just ΓÇ£plop outΓÇ¥ and the women could probably be back at work in the fields in a few minutes.These women virtually never have problems with bladder or uterine prolapse or incontinence.

2. You donΓÇÖt really address the concerns of menopausal women in your literature, although they are the ones who have the most incontinence and related problems. However, after menopause, will the Kegelmaster (with or without hormone replacements) help ward off atrophy and age-related prolapse, etc.? So far, I havenΓÇÖt started that stage of life (I needed the old-lady surgery because I am a runner, and twenty years younger than the average age for the surgery), but do you have some testimonials from older women? I sort of think itΓÇÖs shame to market just to younger women with the promise of better sex, tighter vaginas, etc. Then your product seems like just a sex aid, and in fact, itΓÇÖs sold on all kinds of sleazy websites, alas.

ΓÇ£You bring up a very interesting and important issue. My personal involvement with the Kegelmaster began when it rather easily cured the incontinence of 2 relatives, one in her late 60ΓÇÖs and the other in her early 70ΓÇÖs. I totally agree with you that post menopausal women ΓÇ£can benefit the mostΓÇ¥. I hope that better nutrition and more natural remedies eventually totally replace hormone replacement therapy. The Kegelmaster can make the PC muscle so strong that common sense would indicate that it will easily fulfill itΓÇÖs functions. One Kegelmaster user was recently thrilled when her gynecologist told her ΓÇ£she had the ΓÇ£kegelsΓÇ¥ of a 16 year old! (she is 74!)ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£I too, disagree with the strategy of the manufacturer to allow the Kegelmaster to be marketed on the sleazy websites.Even Dr. Kegel, however, spent the last 10 years of his life promoting the sexual benefits from EFFECTIVELY exercising the PC muscle ΓÇô as well as stopping both common forms of female urinary incontinence. ΓÇô stress and urge (frequency). and many times eliminating the need for surgery to correct prolapse.ΓÇ£

(Please note that this letter and response were written over 13 years ago. Since then, we have eliminated the distributor that was doing the sleazy marketing. You will still find remnants of this on the internet. But we are striving to present the Kegelmaster in its proper image, as an FDA approved health device. This includes sexual health, and you can see by the responses, even women who initially purchase for incontinence and prolapse, can also appreciate these benefits.)

3. Finally, you mention briefly in your lit. that women with urge incontinence should be less aggressive, because they can suffer setbacks. Can you clarify this for me?

ΓÇ£Claudia, what I was trying to communicate is that ΓÇ£urgeΓÇ¥ incontinence is even more easily curable with the Kegelmaster than ΓÇ£stressΓÇ¥ incontinence, in that the ΓÇ£accidentΓÇ¥ from ΓÇ£urgeΓÇ¥ incontinence is because of a ΓÇ£spasmΓÇ¥ in the PC muscle. The definition of muscle ΓÇ£toneΓÇ¥ is ΓÇ£strength in the resting positionΓÇ¥. The sensation of urine in the bladder, the dread of a humiliating accident consistently triggers this spasm. ΓÇ£ToneΓÇ¥ AND CONFIDENCE is easily achieved with the Kegelmaster. Overexercising a muscle can sometimes result in a temporary ΓÇ£fatigueΓÇ¥ which has sometimes caused an urge incontinence sufferer, who had pretty much been cured, to experience an accident.ΓÇ¥

I donΓÇÖt want to go on and on, but as one develops the muscle ΓÇ£toneΓÇ¥ necessary to stop the ΓÇ£urge incontinenceΓÇ¥, we are finding that something called ΓÇ£bladder retrainingΓÇ¥ can be helpful. You need to get out of the habit of going to the bathroom so often.

You can easily break the habit by a simple method called ΓÇ£bladder retrainingΓÇ¥. The first day you would go to the bathroom at a frequent pre-determinged interval such as ΓÇ£every 20 minutesΓÇ¥, whether you need to or not! Each day you would increase the interval until you were going to the restroom just a couple of times a day with no accidents or near-accidents. (You donΓÇÖt have to follow this regimen rigidly to succeed!) You only do this during ΓÇ£wakingΓÇ¥ hours. Most users of the Kegelmaster find quite soon, that they start sleeping through the whole night without having to get up at all!

Before you began with the Kegelmaster, your sleep was frequently interrupted because you DID have to go to the bathroom (because your PC muscle lacked tone and had a propensity to ΓÇ£spasmΓÇ¥. After some ΓÇ£progressive resistanceΓÇ¥ squeezes with the Kegelmaster, you will NOT have to go nearly as often, and it WONΓÇÖT be an emergency when you do!

ΓÇ£In the very common ΓÇ£stressΓÇ¥ incontinence ( a leak or ΓÇ£spurtΓÇ¥ when sneezing coughing, bending lifting, exercising, etc) the weakened PC muscle causes a momentary ΓÇ£sagΓÇ¥ in the bladder, thus changing the angle of the bladder, the bladder neck, and the urethra, compromising the integrity of the bladder neck seal. In this situation lack of rote ΓÇ£strengthΓÇ¥ of the PC muscle not lack of ΓÇ£toneΓÇ¥ is the culprit. It is amazing how ΓÇ£progressive resistanceΓÇ¥ and just the resolve to do something about your problem, will absolutely stop stress incontinence forever.

Enjoy your Kegelmaster workouts, relax, and you will be continuing to prepare yourself for a life of complete pelvic health, warding off the problems, such as more surgery, that so commonly affect women when they become post menopausal.

Anyway, I am now a believer and recommend my ΓÇ£indoor gymΓÇ¥ to all my friends.


Claudia Teixeira

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

No more "accidents"

After the birth of my fourth child, my incontinence problem was severe. If I just moved the wrong way, I would wet myself. For several months, I did my ΓÇ£kegelsΓÇ¥ everyday with limited results. I retrained my bladder by going the the restroom several times a day.

My youngest is 3 years old and I continued to have a moderate problem with ΓÇ£urge incontinenceΓÇ¥. If I had to urinate, there had better be a bathroom a few feet away or I would have an accident. Pretty embarassing to have to leave work to change your clothes!
I came across your website several months ago and everything I read completely made sense to me so I decided to use your product.
Wow, what a difference! I have absolutely NO accidents. I did not really keep track of time, but my guess would be after using the product everyday for two weeks or so, my problem totally disappeared. I wish I could report on the sexual benefits, but havenΓÇÖt had the opportunity since then, but will let you know in the future. (my husband works out-of-state for months at a time.)

Sandra Perth

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Waited a year to use it, now success after baby! - Christal

I bought one over two years ago. I used it a few times, but found it hard to get motivated enough to use it every day.Fast forward a year or so and after I had had another baby. I wanted to give it another try. I used it for about a week solid and found some improvement that convinced me if I stuck with it the results would be awesome.

I lack motivation in many areas of my life sadly. IΓÇÖve been using this off and on for a couple of months and I went from level 1 to level 9. I think that if you really hit it hard and follow the instructions things will move faster. IΓÇÖm finding that I can hold my urine longer now and my orgasms are a bit stronger. This is motivating me to use the device more frequently. I wish there were more ΓÇÿrealΓÇÖ reviews.

I found out about this device from a hair care forum where one of the women started a thread about her experiences. Many of the women purchased the product and started posting updates and results which was really cool.


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Moderate recto/cystocele related to medication - L.H. RN

I have used my Kegelmaster for approx. 3 months and am one of your best advertisers.

IΓÇÖm a 37yo operating room RN with 2 C-sections, who developed a moderate recto/cystocele related to medication use for a head injury.

I went from a surgical candidate to a former gyn patient with no evidence of a recto/cystocele.

I have gotten a lot of my friends and family to order from this site.

I have had gyn docs criticize various self healing items but these are MDΓÇÖs I wouldnΓÇÖt recommend in the first place.Please keep reaching out to women with this nonsurgical alternative. IΓÇÖll keep praising and recommending this site to all females I meet.

Thank you,


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After only a week I can see a difference in my 'accidents' while sneezing or coughing - Lisa

I just got my kegalmaster a week ago and wanted to say thank you to this board. If i hadnΓÇÖt read all the posts i wouldnΓÇÖt have had the courage to order it and try it. AND IT WORKS! I am so happy to finally have some control back on my incontinence. Even after only a week I can see a difference in my ΓÇÿaccidentsΓÇÖ while sneezing or coughing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all your ladies. And thank you to Kim, the order taker. She answered all my quesitons and didnΓÇÖt make me feel embarrassed describing my problems.

Thank you Thank you Thank you


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It Has Raised My Bladder And I No Longer Have To "Go" All The Time - Mrs. B

I just wanted to share my good news with any other women worried about cystocele or similar conditions such as uterine prolapse, rectocele, or overactive bladder.

I started using the Kegelmaster after having had my second child and being told I would need surgery. I stumbled across your product on the net and ordered it on the day I found out, as I was impressed by all the testimonials.

I started using it in July, and it is now early September ΓÇô only 7 weeks have passed.

I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL and the results have been incredible. I had the ΓÇÿbulgeΓÇÖ that everyone refers to and thought that on advise of the nurse and doctor that I was in for surgery.

However over the last week I have hardly felt the bulge at all.

Before it used to get worse by late afternoon or when I had been standing and what IΓÇÖve noticed is that slowly the bulge was taking longer to appear-so that eventually I now feel it only by about 9pm-that is a FABULOUS RESULT IN SHORT TIME- I think that within a couple more weeks I wont even feel it all and plan to cut down how often I use the Kegelmaster to just maintain all the good work it has done.

Also I was contstantly having to go to the toilet and found that even when I left the home for a short while I would have to find a toilet as I had the urge to go all the time. Now I go much less and Im sure if I keep using the Kegelmaster I will be totally cured of this as well. I wasnΓÇÖt totally incontinent but I had go very frequently and believe that had I not started using the Kegelmaster I would have not left the house!

I do about 150 fast repetitions and then slow ones too and that is all that Ive needed to be almost healed. It only takes me about 5 minutes a day.

This is honestly the first time Ive felt compelled to write to a company to say how impressed I am but I felt it necessary to encourage any other women that may need to hear success stories.

I have to say the forum helped me when I needed motivating initially to use the Kegelmaster as at the beginning I didnt see results and it took about 2 weeks to see results.

Please feel free to print this if you wish.

I live in the UK and when I mentioned it to the doctor and nurse they had never heard of your product and also friends of mine were impressed and are thinking of purchasing one on my recommendation.

Mrs B.

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Sexual Benefits - 3 Children - Erica

After the birth of my 3rd son (all vaginal deliveries), I knew things were different ΓÇ£down thereΓÇ¥. What was worse I knew my hubby could tell!!

I picked up a magazine (Marie Claire) at a doctors office and saw the article for the Kegelmaster. As soon as I got home I was on the internet to check it out. I WASTED 3 weeks coming back to the site over and over to reread all the info. Now, I say wasted because once I ordered the Kegelmaster (I am in Hawaii, I got it in 3 days)

I began to use it that night. Only two more uses and the difference was AMAZING!!!!!! I could have been exercising my PC muscles for those 3 weeks instead of reading about how wonderful it is for other women! Now almost 2 months later my husband and I are enjoying a rejuvenated sex life! It really is like being a virgin again. I wouldnΓÇÖt give up, trade or sell my Kegelmaster for ANYTHING!


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Failed Surgery for Urinary Incontinence - Sandii

I wish I had found this website before my surgery.

I am 41 and I did the ΓÇ£traditionalΓÇ¥ Kegels with no success. When my gyno suggested the surgery where they put in a ΓÇ£slingΓÇ¥ to hold up your bladder, I jumped at the chance of getting back to a life without pads.

Instead of getting the sling, I got a puncture into my bladder wall (still had to pay by the way). Now my incontinence is worse than ever and I am terrified to go back under the ΓÇ£knife.ΓÇ¥

I am a first grade teacher, am on my feet all day long, have few bathroom breaks and go through several pads a day. It has affected my work, my relationship with my daughter, and my sex life.

My husband is wonderful, compassionate and accepting of my condition. But he doesnΓÇÖt understand why I donΓÇÖt like to laugh anymore.

I have taken a leap of faith that this treatment will work for me, post-operative. IΓÇÖd like to know if others have been helped after a failed surgery.

IΓÇÖve been using the Kegelmaster for a week and am amazed at how much less leakage I already have! An additional bonus is that my husband thinks itΓÇÖs a turn on and likes to ΓÇ£helpΓÇ¥ me do the exercises. While not eliminated by any means, my optimism that I will get my life back has increased dramatically.

Thank you!


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Cough, Sneeze, Laugh Incontinence, Success Twice...sort of... - Maureen

Hi everyone. I wanted to drop in on the board and leave you with some valuable info I have discovered due to my own laziness.

I started using the Kegelmaster around the first of the year at age 42 because of leaking urine when I sneezed, coughed, laughed, or otherwise exerted myself. After a couple of weeks I had remarkable improvement, and then after 2 to 3 months I had eventual elimination of the leaking problem altogether! Then I got lazy.

It took a good 6 – 8 months for the tiniest bit of leaking to begin again, and it progressively worsened until a few weeks ago I actually had to leave a meeting to come home and change clothes. (I said I was lazy…it took things getting this bad before I finally figured out that I needed to start using my Kegelmaster again!)

After just two sessions with the Kegelmaster, the leaking had been severely limited, and now 3 weeks later it has stopped completely with KMΓÇÖing 3 times per week.

If you are wondering if this thing works, IT DOES! And if you stop (which I will never do again!) you regain your progress very quickly because muscles have memory.

Thanks for a great product which has changed my life and saved my vaginal health!

Maureen B

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Doctor Confirmed Cystocele and Rectocele Have Improved! - Leah

I just had to write you! I had written you on numerous other occasions to say that I FELT that I had improved my cystocele/rectocele condition by faithfully using the Kegelmaster every day.

Well yesterday, I had my annual appointment for a PAP at my OBGYN.

Upon examination, my doctor concurred with me that indeed I HAD IMPROVED my cystocele/ rectocele!!

In fact, he even checked back at his notes from this past November about my situation, and then re-checked me again and said ΓÇ£Yes you do seem improved!ΓÇ¥

Can I just say that I am soooo thrilled about this!!! This device is truly a phenomenal medical breakthrough!

I feel all women over 40, and for that matter, ANY WOMAN, who has had at least ONE vaginal delivery must consider using the Kegelmaster!

ItΓÇÖs really too bad that more OBGYNs donΓÇÖt know about and recommend this wonderful device.

They just recommend “do you kegels” and send you off. Unfortunately, regular kegels just don’t cut it! There’s nothing to squeeze against — no resistence …. It’s like doing arm curls to build up your biceps without using weights. You just can’t build muscle mass that way!

ItΓÇÖs terrible that any woman needs to get to the point of no return or desperation, and then decides to go under the knife ΓÇ£to correctΓÇ¥ her uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele or vaginal wall prolapse.

We really need to get the word out about the Kegelmaster! I will certainly do my my part by telling anyone who writes into the Hotflash Forum (which I belong to) with incontinence or prolapse concerns by recommending this wonderful device!

Thank God for the Kegelmaster and this supportive website!!

Take good care,


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Previous Bladder Surgery - Margie - 49

I want to share my experience with the Kegelmaster with everyone here to give them hope.

I have been using it for about 10 months, what a difference it has made for me!

I have already had a bladder repair surgery 8 years ago. Last spring, I noticed a bulging my gynecologist who did my surgery said that my bladder had dropped again and sent me to a physical therapist who specializes in womenΓÇÖs health.

I went through the series of bio feedback with her to learn how to properly do kegel exercises. Then I did an internet search and found the Kegelmaster.

I ordered it and when I received it, I took it to show both my gynecologist and the physical therapist. They both thought it was excellent, especially the PT. She said that is how kegels are intended to be done, much better with resistance.

I used it for a about 4 months, then went back to the PT. She checked my muscle strength, and compared it to what it was when I first went to her. I had previously been a 2 out of 5 strength-wise and was now a 5 out of 5! She was very impressed and took all the literature for the Kegel Master and made copies.

I went for a checkup with my gynecologist, and he was also pleased, said my support was ΓÇ£excellentΓÇ¥ and should be good for many years, I would not need a repeat surgery.

I have many more good days now where I donΓÇÖt feel the bulging sensation at all. If I am on my feet a lot, it bothers me a little, but nothing like before when I felt like my insides were falling out.

I am so grateful for this device. It takes time for some of us, especially those who have had a surgery already, and the muscles are weak. I am also on the older side, 49, so I am sure hormonal changes are adding to the issue.

I just want to give others hope, donΓÇÖt rush into surgery if your doctor says they think doing kegel exercises will help you. Use your Kegelmaster faithfully and hopefully you will get the great results that I did!

Sorry this is so long, but I think the details are important.


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Uterine Prolapse - Debbie - 49 - 5 Children

If you will recall from my previous email, the ob-gyn I had been seeing informed me in November that my uterus had prolapsed to late second stage…..and that “kegel exercises WOULD NOT HELP”. (Even your phone-line people said it may not reverse a late second stage prolapse.)

He recommended a ΓÇ£wait and seeΓÇ¥ stance ΓÇö until I had no alternative but hysterectomy. (Because of my age, he said he would not recommend uterine suspension mesh ΓÇö after all, ΓÇ£Do you want more children?ΓÇ¥) No, but I want my uterus!

I have been using your device for five weeks. While I am still unable to “close” it all the way on the fourth pin…..I am really working! I had an appt. with my “new” doctor for a prolapse check this past Friday and her thoughts on what else I could do or should do to help reverse it.

After examining me (and reading the notes from my previous ob-gyne), she told me she is not recommending I do anything other than what I’m doing. She said, “Your uterine prolapse now is  a very early (mild) second stage; whatever you’re doing, keep it up! It’s working.” I was overjoyed! (I broke into tears of HAPPINESS!)

My regime of kegels is NOT hit or miss. I do them religiously every morning — and when I’m at work, I do them w/out the KegelMaster  — sitting, standing, etc…..maybe 3 sets of 30 another 5 or 6 times a day.

Just wanted to let you know that the exercises (with the device), determination and a positive mental attitude CAN help to reverse even a late second stage uterine prolapse. Again, this whole process of reversal may take 6 months to a yearbefore my uterus (as well as bladder and rectum) are “almost” back to  pre-pregnancy and birth days.

I am overjoyed with the results I am getting from the KegelMaster!

So tell other women experiencing a late second stage prolapse, that the KegelMaster CAN work (it’s working for me!!!! yippee!) — don’t lose hope because of inability to close the device all the way — as long as you work those muscles and manage to close the device partially — IT’S WORKING — Don’t listen to the “nay” sayers — Thank you, (crying from joy here!) thank you! Thank you! for your product AND YOUR personal encouragement.

ΓÇö Debbie (49 y/o mother of five)

P.S. Please put my email in the forum if you think it will give hope to other women.

Editors Note: We have changed ΓÇ£DebbieΓÇÖsΓÇ¥ name, however verification is on file.

“just ANOTHER follow up for you and the forum.After using the Kegelmaster for almost six months, I have reversed the late-second-stage uterine prolapse! In April, I was informed by my doctor that my uterus is “back in place”… muscles are strong. She can’t believe how quickly I have “healed” myself. I will continue using the device for many years.

With tears of gratitude for your product, again ΓÇôTHANK YOU!


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Great Benefits! - Elizabeth

Been using my Kegelmaster steadily now for 4 weeks and I cannot describe how wonderful I feel. I feel more sexually confident, attractive and desirable. I donΓÇÖt worry whether about my vagina being slack and not able to grip him. And he feels larger to me, already, even though heΓÇÖs ΓÇ£modestlyΓÇ¥ built.

This after several vaginal births and constant embarrassing incidences with incontinence whenever IΓÇÖd cough. No more stuffing tissue down into my pants or wearing panty liners when I have a cold!

ItΓÇÖs even inspired me to lose weight and take better care of myself.

Thank you!!!!!


* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

Leaking When I Jog and Trampoline - Josephine

The Kegelmaster is brilliant! ItΓÇÖs really changed my life! IΓÇÖve tried lots of different products like weights and electrical stimulation and the Kegelmaster was by miles the best.

I just do three lots of exercise taking a few minutes each day and it has made a huge difference.

Before I was never really able to do pelvic floor exercises as I couldnΓÇÖt tell which muscles to squeeze and when my doctor talked about imagining going up in a lift I didnΓÇÖt know what he meant.

Before using this I did get leakage if I went jogging and I had to cross my legs when I sneezed.

Now all that is gone!I can even bounce on my daughterΓÇÖs trampoline!

It is so much easier doing pelvic floor exercises when there is something to squeeze agaisnt. I am really converted!

I will definitely carry on using it especially as my grandmother has had a prolapse.It has also had the added bonus of improving the sensation in my sex life, so my husband really likes it, too!

* Disclaimer: Please understand that individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, we will refund your purchase.

I prescribe this instrument for all my female patients who have had children and are beginning to experience some stress incontinence. I have found it to be very successful even for those women who have failed surgical procedures. Using this instrument with addition of a small amount of testosterone cream strengthens the muscles. My patients often remark about it improves their sexual satisfaction. Several of my patients have found that using the instrument while in a warm bath is helpful. John Disiere MD
Bought this product a little over a year ago. Apparently it was a knock off because it was pink. Well now I do have a blue one. Still have the pink. Honestly just wanted to see the difference. There really isn't other than color. But if the blue is the real one then I'd suggest supporting the real company....
Anyway on to the benefits.

So you know where i started. I'm a mom of three (natural births) things got rough when baby #1 came out face-up, 8lb 12oz, and 23 inches long. Stitches and follow that with two more births in the next three years...enough said.

No more worry about leaks when sneezing or coughing. I'm in complete control when I sneeze and haven't leaked a drop in the last 8 months or so. It did take time. Don't over do it. Let your body rest a day in between.

No more prolapse. After baby number three my Dr. was concerned because I had a slight prolapse. Nothing too big but worrisome as I was only 22. Now I'm back to great V health. Also i started working out. At first I would leak during cardio and feel great pressure while squatting. Not anymore. No pressure or heavy feeling.

Also a personal disclaimer. Some other reviews said this product hurt. Personally I don't see how. Unless your trying to pull it out and havent closed it maybe. Be gentle with your body. Obviously you'll want to put a lubricant before you insert. Basic knowledge. The DVD is helpful.

And last but not least the sexy benifits. 🙂
You'll have the squeeze of death. Long before you have all four advanced springs in. But once you do. Watch out.
Reaching the O is easier and stronger than ever.

I've recommended this product to several women. I absolutely believe in it. It made a difference for me.
Just remember don't over do it. (Your muscles need time to rebuild. think of weight training)
And be gentle to yourself. Don't ram it in and don't yank it out.

So IΓÇÖm going to start off by saying that IΓÇÖm only 33 but I had two very large children within 2 years. And my bladder is just not the same as it used to be. I have to wear a pad every day and it needs to be changed in the middle of the day. I have always thought my pelvic floor was fine, but when it got tremendously worse after my second child, I knew I had to do something different. So I went for the cheaper options.

First I tried the silicone covered kegel balls and I did see a veryyyyy slight improvement. But since you couldnΓÇÖt keep progressing with them, I looked for something else.

Then I tried the stainless steel balls in three different sizes. I did see more improvement from them, but yet again, I reached that threshold where I just wasnΓÇÖt making any more progress past a certain point. And since I was still wearing pads daily, I knew kegels were helping, but not enough.

So when I came across this, I felt like taking the plunge might actually be worth it since it offered increasing resistance. I am dead serious when I say that IΓÇÖm glad I did. This really works. It works well.

I thought I had already had quite a bit of strength since I had been working on it already, so I started out on setting 5. Yeah, did that twice, was way too sore for a few days, so I backed it down to 3. It still felt like I was working out, but not to the point of making my whole belly sore for days. So I stuck with setting 3 for the whole month, because even after a month, I still was noticing improvement, and I honestly didnΓÇÖt feel like it was time to move up.

When I first started, I was having A LOT of bladder issues on a daily basis. I could easily change my pad 2 or 3 times a day if I was doing something that made me sweat on top of the leakage. By the end of the month, I am still having leakage, but its quite a bit less. I can go almost all day without changing my pad, AND there have been a couple days where I was able to actually keep the pad on all day (I donΓÇÖt normally do that, but I wanted to see if any changes were happening and that was really the only objective way for me to tell).

And IΓÇÖm also going to say that I didnΓÇÖt tell my husband that I was doing this until I had been doing it for about 2.5 weeks. We had just finished having sex and he says ΓÇ£You felt a lot tighter to me the last few times, is it just my imagination?ΓÇ¥ Well, no, its not. He actually noticed it, and he had no idea that I was using something. I did end up telling him what I was doing, and showed him (his reaction was priceless when I came out with it, but he was pretty intrigued by the design and how it works. haha)

Overall, I am THRILLED with the progress that IΓÇÖve seen so far, and for once IΓÇÖm actually hopeful that I can stop wearing pads every day. Not only am I working to lessen a physical symptom that is already present, but this is so easy to add to a daily routine (takes like 10 minutes from start to finish, cleaning, and putting away) to help lessen the chances that aging and weak muscles will turn into a prolapse of some sort. This is easy to use, works well, can be used for a LONG time (IΓÇÖve been at it a month and just now feeling like I can go to Level 4 ΓÇô there are 15 available on the Standard Kit and even more available if you go for the Advanced!), offers SO many health benefits, and the big thing that I canΓÇÖt stress enough is that it actually WORKS if you use it.

For reference, the manufacturer suggests doing 3 sets of 30 reps, so thats what IΓÇÖve been doing. You can and should do what is comfortable for you, but I did find this recommendation to be good for me.

So after having four children I knew changes were going to happen to my body as I got older. But there are some changes no one ever tells you about. One is that you will never laugh or sneeze without worry again. The whole time you are clenching every muscle you have and siliently praying that you havent peed yourself. Sex is just not the same either. It takes longer and you just arent getting the "ooomph" you used to. Im sure my husband noticed as well but he is too much a gentlemen to ever tell me. So I decided to ctart kegal exercises. But doing it on your own is hard to remember and to keep track of. Not to mention how do you know if you are doing it right. After a year of trying to remember to do them and then only doing so sporadically I was not noticing any changes. So I thought to look for an aid device of some kind and came across this. IT came in a nice gift box. I thought that was strange. Then when you open it up it looks like a strange torture device or sex toy. Then you see all the springs and totally have no idea what it is. But then you see you get a dvd and a nice instructional phamplet. The Dvd is like an informercial and then the same thing as the phamplet. The phamplet walks you through how to use. First you take the main compponent and unscrew it. IT opens up in half and you place a spring in the top most postiton. Once you do that you screw it back together. Now you need lubricant and some alone time. You place the blue piece inside you and unscrew the piece until it springs open. Then you squeeze. That is it. It is best to do 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps. IF you do this everyday you will see results fast. The more springs you add the more ressistance you get. I have done it every other day for a month. I am just starting to see results but as I said I have had 4 kids so I need alot of help. I am noticing that I can hold my bladder longer and no longer worry about wetting myslef when I sneeze.
I bought this after I had my first daughter and lost a lot of muscle and was constantly leaking. After a few weeks of using this I noticed a huge difference. It really helped me increase my kegel muscles and was able to hold my bladder. It is easy to clean and comes with very detailed directions on how to use it.
I feel the difference! In all honesty it was a bit of a rough start. At first it was a bit scary and when I first saw it it didn't seem like an expensive, well made product. The packaging seemed super outdated and I would recommend to the manufactured or creator to update their leaflet because it seems to be the original that was printed many years ago when it was first released and even had that old paper smell to it.

Mine did not come with the satin little bag. Overall it was not a good first impression. As you see it in the pictures, the product, DVD, and info sheet the package looks outdated. I used it a couple times and stored it away, I was very concerned that I had pinched my inner walls and that is what scared me the most. I looked for further information on insertion and removal to see if I was doing anything wrong but it was all very short and simplified so I was still not at ease.

After I broke up with the guy I was seeing at the time I decided to make the KM my new long term commitment. I got reacquainted with it and we developed a much better relationship the second time around. When I use it I lube it up and think happy thoughts and tell myself to relax.

It has been about a month of daily usage as instructed, 3 sets of 30 but sometimes I do a little extra. I am very glad I got over the first bumps and the first impression because after this month I have made noticeable progress.

When I first started, I could barely feel the contraction of my PC muscles. I was totally out of touch with my body. I am also reading a book to put me more in touch with my sexual energy and I feel it is coming together very well. To focus on this product, I bought mine here. It is blue, it says that it is sold by Kegelmaster and facilitated by Amazon. It is completely smooth, it looks like medical grade plastic, and trust me is a device to help you get strong not a pleasure toy although I believe that comes later after you put in the work. I remember that a little pee would escape when I sneezed, now, I have been on the toilet peeing and I have sneezed and noticed that nothing got out without my authorization.

My advice is: yes, it may seem expensive, I bought the more expensive Advanced version to get the most benefit. It may be a risk and you will read the one star reviews and wonder if it is worth it. Some of those reviewers did not give the KM a second chance. I am very happy that I did! I feel more confident just because I feel the strength developing and I'm looking forward to my progression. I have been taking it easy and gradually moving up the levels.

I'm my opinion this is a great investment, I highly recommend it for your physical, mental and sexual health. I have not had sex after my gain but I did some self cultivation and never been better doing it solo. I hope it does for you what it had done for me! Good luck!

I was skeptical about ordering such a device, because it was quite expensive and i didn't think it would work. I had no vaginal or prolapse issues, i simply wanted to achieve the big O and felt this could help me do that lol. I lost my V card at 20 and am now 30 years old. i have never had an orgasm vaginally it was just something i thought would never happen for me. After reading the reviews i decided to give it a try. When i first attempted to use it i tried on level 1 and discovered my vagina was keeping it closed. Moved to level 2 and same problem. I tried level three and was able to open and close it fairly easy, after a day i went to level four. Level four was difficult to open and close but i was still able to move it so i kept trying and after three days i was able to open and close it easily. I am now adding a second spring! I've been using the device for a little over a week now and have only been intimate once since then. I definitely noticed a difference in sensation its amazing. i never thought i was loose and my husband didn't either but now it feel much stronger. (i cant explain it). I still haven't reached my goal of orgasm as its only been a week and ive only tried once since using it but i sensations that i never felt before and i could see how with continuous use me finally having one is possible. If you are skeptical about trying it i would advise you to give it a go. i regret wasting all that time debating on getting it. its well worth the investment!
My fiancee has been using the kegalmaster for about three weeks now and already we both are noticing improved results in our sex life. She was very reluctant to try it but promised she would use it every night as the routine suggests. Now she is a firm believer that it is helping and we are both VERY excited to see how strong she can squeze in 3 months. Currently only using one spring. Very happy with the product and will recommend it to every woman I can openly discuss this with. My exwife is even going to buy one now too
This product is so valuable! I wish it was taught by doctors to all adult women to use it. Using it you can tone your pelvic floor so well. Its private and simple to use. And over time, will make all the difference in your pelvic floor health. It can even support you to be able to resolve pelvic floor issues that would otherwise need medical intervention. Follow the instructions and take your time moving up the levels of springs.

I myself have used it as part of my process healing prolapse. (I also ate collagen rich foods like bone broth and did yoga and got bodywork.) It can be done! I used it again when I was again TTC and guess what? now I am pregnant and I feel healthy and strong down there. And I am sure I will use it again PP to again restrengthen my pelvic floor.

If your pelvic floor has taken a hit and you figure you just have to live with it -- its not true! You can reclaim that part of you in full force, with proper training. And this product makes it a very simple process.

Additionally, this company could not be more upstanding. Originally, I had some issues because I didn't purchase my first Kegelmaster 2000 from an authorized dealer, but when I contacted the manufacturer directly, they were very friendly and helped resolve my issue. I could tell they really cared about me and my health! Support this company and support yourself by buying a Kegelmaster. You will be so glad you did.

ΓÇ£I was a dancer and I had very strong muscles. I did all my prenatal kegel exercises but after the birth of my son I was very disappointed at what happened. The Kegelmaster has helped me to reconnect with my muscles and with the slight incontinence and with sexual pleasure also.ΓÇ¥
ΓÇ£Every woman should have a Kegelmaster! Now I have a very strong kitty cat. I didn't even know that you needed to exercise your vagina, but apparently, you do and the Kegelmaster is the machine to help you do it. All the other housewives have fiances and boyfriends, but when I finally get one, he's going to hit the jackpot!ΓÇ¥ -Teri Hatcher

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